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A Most Unusual Charm
A library stands hush-hush and taciturn. Amidst an accumulation of mislaid books, a unicorn stands at a loss, panting and lacking in vigor, magical aura slowly dimming away down to nothing. What a calamity. Luck had stood, not as an ally, but as an antagonist, bringing forth a baffling twist. “How could my posits turn out so wrong?” Twilight groans.
    Rarity turns up in a rush, full of worry. Such a companion’s arrival pulls Twilight’s sight to a familiar door which had, until now, stood shut. “That was a most unusual bit of magic you cast, Twilight. It shook our town all around, my shop most particularly. Why, it had Opal in a nasty fit!”
    Instantly, a crash of burst glass sounds amidst a shout. "Twilight! What in Tartarus was that?! A tornado? A storm? Normal wind couldn’t do this!" Rainbow Dash panics. “Did a burglar attack you? Just ask, and I’ll kick that pony’s flank!”
    “Now, now, hold on,” Twil
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To Be a Better Stallion Epilogue :iconautumn-wind-mlp:Autumn-Wind-MLP 6 11
A Drop of Sunlight: The Becoming of Sun Brandisher
Long before the coming of the Princesses and the Modern Age, long before the coming of Discord and the Chaotic Age, and long even before the three breeds moved apart, the Age of Separation, there was the first age: The Age of Grazing.
The Age of Grazing was the birth and childhood of the world, where ponies made many discoveries that would one day shape the future of Equestria and its sister lands. Behind every great discovery was a bewildered pony, marveling at a mystery of the world.
This is the tale of one such pony. From mouth to mouth and quill to quill, from whinny to word and from neigh to notes, his name has been transformed and altered, but today, now that his tale has been immortalized in a thousand history books, he is known as  Sun Brandisher.
The wild herbs blew gently in the summer wind as the day came to a close. The sun slowly dipped below the horizon, bathing the land in a golden light. All over the Great Prairie, ponies galloped freely, in search of food and
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To Be a Better Stallion Ch.9 :iconautumn-wind-mlp:Autumn-Wind-MLP 6 5 To Be a Better Stallion Ch.8 :iconautumn-wind-mlp:Autumn-Wind-MLP 5 6 To Be a Better Stallion Ch.7 :iconautumn-wind-mlp:Autumn-Wind-MLP 7 14 Shimmer :iconautumn-wind-mlp:Autumn-Wind-MLP 38 28
Everything was dark inside the vehicle. There were twenty-five of them in all; twenty five ponies. They huddled together in fear, the stallions wanting to comfort their mares, and the mares wanting to comfort their foals. With every turn, every bump in the road, they were startled, the elders amongst them wisely reminding them all not to panic, hiding their worries away for the sake of the younger ones.
The truck stopped sharply, throwing the lot of them against the back walls. A filly whinnied in pain but was soon comforted by her loving parents. The convoy's rear doors opened to a blinding light, and a gruff voice sounded, though the ponies could not make out the human's word.
The sharp snap of a crop was heard, and all lost their senses. They lost their senses for a time. They felt themselves falling. Falling through the air, falling through time, falling through the world. Then they felt nothing but peace.
A young filly was the first to wake up and look around. Lush greens and
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To Be a Better Stallion Ch.6 :iconautumn-wind-mlp:Autumn-Wind-MLP 7 4 To Be a Better Stallion - Ch.5 :iconautumn-wind-mlp:Autumn-Wind-MLP 14 9 To Be a Better Stallion Ch.4 :iconautumn-wind-mlp:Autumn-Wind-MLP 13 7 To Be a Better Stallion Ch.3 :iconautumn-wind-mlp:Autumn-Wind-MLP 9 2 To Be a Better Stallion Ch.2 :iconautumn-wind-mlp:Autumn-Wind-MLP 9 2 To Be a Better Stallion Ch.1 :iconautumn-wind-mlp:Autumn-Wind-MLP 57 12
I'll Never Let Go
It was that day again. The prison vessel had plunged into shadows and risen again onto Equestria seven times since her last visit. Celestia observed the surface of the moon as she hurried through the void, carried by powerful magic. A single mare sat in the gray dust, waiting for her, looking up at the sky.
High above Equestria, the moon had always been a beautiful sight. However, its surface could only be described as unwelcoming, nothing but grey dust and dark sky, coldness and shadows. Though the magic barrier restraining her to the surface protected Luna from the constant rigors of open space, it was no place to spend a day, let alone several hundred years.
In a flash of bright light, Celestia's physical form manifested in the moon's sky. With a muted thump, the white alicorn landed, raising a cloud of dirt around her landing. Her expression showed deep worry, but a gleam of hope twinkled in her eyes. This time, things would work out differently. She was sure of it. Taking a deep b
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A Drop of Sunlight: The Becoming of Sun Brandisher :iconballman64:Ballman64 3 1 Gilda's Sorry :iconmickeymonster:Mickeymonster 2,665 545 Shimmer by Autumn Wind :iconballman64:Ballman64 13 4 Rarity Is Mouse :icontaskidog:Taskidog 2,827 492 First Day :iconmixermike622:Mixermike622 4,717 812 'You remind me of someone...' :iconrizcifra:RizCifra 7,229 551 Heart's Warming :iconequestria-prevails:Equestria-Prevails 3,039 375 Good Morning Twilight Sparkle :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 4,049 505 Once upon a time... :iconalfa995:alfa995 1,384 120
Shipping and Handling Chap. 1
"That is the last straw!"
The bulky brown Pegasus slammed his front hooves down on the desk so hard, Ditzy Doo feared it would split in two.  He positively glowered at the grey pegasus, his face just inches from hers.
"I… I'm sorry, boss…" Ditzy mumbled, shrinking back a bit.  "Uh… it won't happen again?"  Her apology was phrased more like a question.  
"Oh, right.  Sure.  That's believable…" the larger pegasus snorted, twisting his black baseball cap haphazardly.  "I mean, what are the odds of Ditzy Doo screwing up another delivery?  I mean, that never happens..."
Ditzy winced at the harsh sarcasm in her superior's voice.  Still, she managed to work up the nerve to ask the inevitable question.
"So…" she began, trying her best to focus both her eyes on the angry pony in front of her.  "…Um… how much are you gonna' dock my pay this time?"
:iconpegasusrescuebrigade:PegasusRescueBrigade 182 67
I'LL TURN THIS DAMN CAR AROUND :iconequestria-prevails:Equestria-Prevails 8,589 1,378 Dinky Bedtime :iconequestria-prevails:Equestria-Prevails 1,557 110 Got My Head In The Clouds :iconequestria-prevails:Equestria-Prevails 1,321 85 Discord Gets His Cutie Mark :iconequestria-prevails:Equestria-Prevails 1,650 409 Hey I Just Got A Great Idea :iconequestria-prevails:Equestria-Prevails 2,037 200 RUN :iconkp-shadowsquirrel:KP-ShadowSquirrel 715 76


I'd stopped posting my fanfics here. For some reason. I don't remember why, really, so I'll start uploading my new stuff here too. Enjoy!


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